Be the change you want in the world. only peace, only love: a beginning.




There is true beauty in the simple act of kindness.

Sometimes we get an awful kick in the face from reality. We get a terrible bruise: black, blue, and purple that eventually turns to green. And then the bruise goes away. It’s like it never happened. There are so many things that happen to create these bruises: the violence of war across the world, violent crime in cities and towns, family violence, devastating mass shootings…But what happens is that most of us forget, or bury the pain. Until something else happens. Then it is smashed to the forefront of our hearts and our minds and we cry, we mourn– then if we are not directly effected by these tragedies, we go back to our everyday lives.

Yes, it is a coping mechanism that we run to. Out of hope, out of disbelief, we run from these tragedies, hoping never to return. But they keep coming back. What’s the answer? There is no one answer, but we must work together to create change.

I want to do something to help create that change. Do something extraordinary in the ordinary days… It is not a novel concept, but I do think we need reminders for spreading positivity and real connection in this age of technological evolution. It is effecting how we communicate with each other on a personal level, and in some instances, fostering isolation and indifference.  I want to create a movement: only peace, only love. A life-effecting, powerful campaign that makes a difference. Will you join me? What do you have to lose? And there is so much to gain…

Now is the time to do something. If not you, who? If not now, when? My heart still reels from the tragedy in Newtown and I can only imagine how the families that were directly effected feel. I know there is nothing I can do to assuage their pain.. The violence around the United States and the world is a true epidemic. It is a many layered issue that must be addressed on multiple fronts. There are some things I personally do not have the power to do, but what I can do, is directly effect the lives of people I come in contact every day. And YOU can too.

In this time of brilliant technology, we can all–including me–get caught up in Facebook, Twitter, games, YouTube, and substitute this technology for true personal connection. I frequent these sites just like the rest of you, and know they have been integrated into our way of life, but we can never forget the value of face to face interaction. Technology has connected more and more of us on the virtual plane, but it can be cold, and sometimes threatening. We have to continue to socialize and communicate fully on a day to basis, and teach this importance to our children. A hug, a warm smile, a sincere “How are you?” can make a valuable connection that cannot be underestimated.

I have a call-to-action for you. Yes, I am serious. The way you live your life every day matters. The way you interact with your family, your friends, neighbors, and strangers really matter. The call-to-action is the only peace, only love campaign.

Put down that phone and hug somebody! Have perspective of your problems in comparison to others. Should you be complaining? Bring joy to those around you, pay attention to your kids. Don’t let technology raise your children: they will only feel more isolated. Play with them! Sing with them! Talk with your neighbors, your co-workers–be kind to everyone you meet! If we do our best every day to be kind, to show positivity and create joy for those around us, including those hiding in the shadows, we may be able to make miracles happen. To stop a rampage in its tracks. To bring help to those in need.

The more we connect, the more power we have. Does the above paragraph sound trite? Perhaps to some. But I know, I truly feel that the humanity that we all possess can make a difference. The simple things add up. It is exponential. Peace and love have much greater true power than violence and hatred. Life is hard enough with the day to day– we all have our problems. But we are blessed with every day we can be on this earth, and spend time with those we care about. How can we each make the most of this life?

I want to hear about your day. I want to hear about the simple acts of kindness that you do. Share your stories. Share your heart. The spread of more peace and love in each of our lives is my goal in this blog. Go do something in the real world and come back and share. Won’t you join me?  I have faith in you, and hope for the future and our children a world with less violence and more love. It can happen. And together, we can make it happen.

As the sun rises on a new day, there are new possibilities. You have the power to change lives. Join me in this campaign. You can make a difference.

I send you only peace, only love.



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