Peace + Love = Smiles: story #1.

SharpieYou wouldn’t think a simple pen would have so much power. But it really does.

Right now I have two jobs. I write press releases, web content, and other marketing communications materials.  I also work for a major retail chain. I wear an apron with my name on it. Well, just a few days ago, I took my handy Sharpie and wrote just below my name my new campaign slogan: only peace, only love~

Many times people come in the store frazzled, very busy, upset that they can’t find something…but since I wrote those words on my apron, almost every one I have come in contact with has been so nice! They have asked me questions: “How was your Christmas? Do you have any plans for the New Year?” They have smiled more, and they have been more thankful. A little 10 year old girl walking by with her family looked at me, read my apron, and just smiled really big. I smiled really big right back.  The positive energy has been contagious!

Just the simple act of writing those four words where people could see them clearly showed them my viewpoint and what I wanted to share with everyone I meet. And they truly felt it! I am so excited that such a simple act could create such positive results!

Share a simple act with me, would you? What are your ideas and experiences? Let’s spread peace and love to all corners of our lives and the globe.

Happy 2013 everyone!

only peace, only love,


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