Of peace, love, and spirituality

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To bring peace without, you must attain peace within. Whatever your religious or spiritual beliefs– and also those who do not believe in God, a God, or the undefinable ‘God’– peace cannot be truly present in the outer world if you do not have it inside of you. It has taken me a long, long time to truly understand this. I feel like now, in so-called ‘mid-life’, I am finally orbiting that understanding.

See, we all, (and I am including myself here), get caught up in all these things that happen to us. We get pulled down by our pain, grab onto it, and let it define ourselves over and over again. Our egos will not let these things that happen to us go. When we do this, how can we truly experience love and peace at the deepest level? How can we share these wondrous essences of life if we do not abide in it, be one with it, ourselves?

Experiencing heartache, sickness, the death of a loved one, financial difficulty, violence…these are all painful. But we do not have to let this pain submerge our capability to love, to be compassionate, to share peace with all those around us. Spiritual teachers, prophets, mystics all point to the same source of our possibilities. Whether you call it God, or divine presence, or other words- this unity, this oneness, this state of enlightment is within you, and you have the power to overcome the obstacles of your life situation, and practice compassion and human kindness. This, that divine power that is within you, within all of us, is the true savior of this world. This world of forms we live in.

Though true spirituality exists beyond all forms, most of us live in the practical world, doing practical things. But if we are able to let go, transcend the pain, and be present in the now, true lasting change can happen. The possibilities for the world and its beings: plant, animal, and the sea of humanity– are boundless.

Do I have the power? Yes. Do you have the power? Yes. All we have to do is look inward for the answers. The path to peace and love for the world is through all of us, from the inside out. Wise teachers are bountiful blessings. Lately, I have been reading and listening to Thich Nhat Hanh, Pema Chodron, Eckhart Tolle, the Dalai Llama. All of these have been wonderful teachings to point to the truth, the truth that is inside of us all. There are many out there from a wealth of spiritual practices that could be life enhancing, or even life changing to you. If you would like to comment, I would love to hear ones that you have chosen, and why.

For you all, I send you comfort, compassion, kindness. This is the world we live in right now. We can effect positive change in our communities, our schools, our churches, our workplaces. Do not let religion separate us, allow the spiritual essence of being flow through you, and out to all those you come in contact with. With this unity, one person at a time, we can make this planet one filled with love, not hate, togetherness, not separateness, peace, not violence. It is within you, it is within all of us. Many blessings to you~

Only peace, only love,


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7 thoughts on “Of peace, love, and spirituality

    • The truth surely is the light inside of us all. To become grounded to that stillness, and continue to practice it daily, is my goal for myself, and that will allow me to best share that stillness, that peace and human kindness, with all~ Thank you so much for your comment. Wishing you peace, and love~

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