A Love Poem to the World

lamp, light

Boundaries, go free-
your wings are dry and strong, ready.
For love brings many splendored things:
a flower, a moment, a life of brightness
out of the darkness.

No enemies shall give me a crown of thorns,
my blood will not obey.
It is time to be generous.
It is time to let go.
It is time to spread the joy to new heights-
ascend new mountains across all borders.
Blind to the colors that bind us.
Blind to the scriptures that separate us.

Unity is awakening- our souls, ourselves
are learning to BE.
The oneness of us all is growing, burgeoning
to a path of infinity, of wholeness,
of everything to the nothingness-
the space that is no longer between us.

For it comes down to this:
one moment, one life: here, now.
To make the most, to spread peace and human kindness-
creating joy as a lamplight to our neighbors,
and theirs, and theirs…

Bring your lamplight here, bring your lamplight now.
The oil is love, our oil is love.

{‘lamp, light by sirbio on deviantart.com

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