To all the Malalas in the world~

Malala peace

Malala Yousafzai is a star. Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, at sixteen- she has accomplished incredible things. Her bravery in the face of violence is now well known throughout the world, and I honor her, and her story.

But I do pause to think about all the young girls throughout the world who struggle to get an education, live in poverty, and/or survive through violence or the threat of violence on a daily basis. I recently read an excellent article from writer and activist Cristina Maza on where she critiqued the West’s perception of Malala.

With Malala in hero status, the West can congratulate ourselves for our good intentions. But what about the others? Where is the outcry of questionable (and often horrific) military tactics of the West?

I am a U.S. citizen, but also a pacifist. The role of dialogue and diplomacy in resolving conflict throughout the globe is essential in creating a better and more peaceful world for all the Malalas. Ms. Maza creates a crucial point in bringing up the “otherness” that is woven throughout international relations. It is this that creates violence. It is this that creates apathy.

Can we pat ourselves on the back in celebration of honoring Malala, and then say, “I’ve done my part.”? We must look more critically at such issues, and act.

Oneness is the key to a more peaceful future. We are one world, one sea of humanity.

Please read Ms. Maza’s article here: <a href="‘I am Malala’ Review“>

Wishing you all only peace, only love~


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